At Lybra, we offer different services to our clients according to their consulting fees.
There are 3 plans you can choose from ① Simple, ② Regular, and ③ Premium .


Simple Regular Premium
Monthly Price ¥40,000(+tax) ¥50,000(+tax) ¥70,000(+tax)
Special Features For simple cases involving few negotiations. Things like contract checks will be the main activity. A standard plan in a typical law office. A plan for when there are many consultations.
Priority Legal Consultations maru maru maru
Legal Consultation by Phone maru maru maru
Legal Consultation by E-mail batu maru maru
Contract Checks maru maru maru
Employee Consultations maru maru maru
Saturday & Sunday Consultations batu △【Emergencies】 maru
Retainer Fee Discount batu maru(20%) maru(30%)